Trump’s Legal Troubles: A Quiz

The big news is the potential combination of lawsuits and criminal charges that Donald Trump could soon face. So let’s see how well you’re keeping up with everything with a quick quiz.

Question 1

Trump could get indicted for the payoffs to Stormy Daniels, the pressure he tried to put on Georgia to change the election outcome, his involvement in January Sixth, and the classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. The chance of multiple indictments at the same time would mean:

  • His legal team would be overloaded handling simultaneous cases
  • Trump’s campaign could get bogged down in bad news
  • If Trump collects four indictments, he wins a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut

question 2

The grand jury in Georgia is looking at Trump’s “perfect” phone call to Georgia officials demanding they “find” 11,000 votes to put the state in Trump’s win column. Trump said they could find those votes:

  • by looking for dead voters
  • by examining voting machines to see if they altered the results
  • in the couch cushions — you can find a lot of things in couch cushions

question 3

Former Vice President and 2024 presidential candidate Mike Pence is trying to avoid testifying before the January 6 grand jury. Pence wants to skip testifying because:

  • As President of the Senate, he’s covered by the Constitution’s Speech and Debate clause
  • He doesn’t want to upset the MAGA base that he’ll need to get the nomination
  • He REALLY wants to turn to Trump during a debate and say, “Remember that time you tried to get me killed? Good times. Good times.”

Not the News: March 17, 2021

Today’s top story:

Former President Trump is still saying he won the 2020 election.  Not only that, he now claims he’s won more Grammys than Beyonce.

in other news:

After President Biden’s dog Major nipped at a stranger recently, the dog is back in Delaware for some remedial training.  When asked about it, Biden said he’s not going to whack the dog on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper.  He’s saving that for Mitch McConnell.

Millions of Americans are finding those stimulus payments of $1,400 per person deposited in their bank accounts this week.  This means we’ll have a staggering betting pool for this year’s College Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Finally, today is St Patrick’s Day when Americans celebrate the man who drove the snakes from Ireland by driving their livers into the ground.

The GOP and Catholicism

With the confirmation hearing for Coney Barrett, the GOP has tried to claim the Democrats are making an issue of her Catholic faith.

But the Democrats have nominated Catholics to run for President: Al Smith, JFK, John Kerry, and Biden.

Of course, the GOP has nominated Catholics for the White House, too. Like… Um…

Well maybe they can pick one for 2024.

Who in the Hell Would Steal This???

National parks in Arizona using microchip tech to deter thieves

So, apparently this is a thing:

Saguaros, an enduring symbol of the Southwest, can grow to more than 40 feet tall, weigh up to a ton and live 200 years.

You can hear the thieves making off with their ill-gotten gain in the night. They’re the ones going, “Owowowowow!!!”

NOW We’re Positive That Pokemon Go is a Commie Plot. Thanks, Obama! (Updated)

It’s not enough that Pokemon Go is convincing kids to go outside and exercise, 0r that players are causing accidents and injuries. It’s worse than that.

Pokemon Go is teaching players the Metric System.

UPDATE: I almost forgot to mention players finding Pokémon in the Holocaust Museum!