Trump to meet with Congressional Black Caucus

I can only pray that Trump doesn’t confuse Representative Cedric Richmond (D-LA) with Cedric the Entertainer. 

Update: At least Trump didn’t ask the nearest available black person to set it up. 

A Trump Slogan the GOP Will Love

The Boston Globe put out a story of how disorganized the Trump Campaign is.

In the middle of a workday this week, Trump’s state headquarters was locked, windows covered in paper, and displayed a note for visitors to call a phone number for access. By the door, there were about a half-dozen large blank posters, with this message clothes-pinned to the boards: “For the Donald Trump campaign. He’s embarrassing, but he’s ours.”


Looking for Decent People with Democratic Senators (Help, Please)

Daily Kos wants you to sign a petition to your Democratic Senator(s), asking them to vote against the bill that would block refugees of ISIS fighting from resettling in the U S.

I live in Nebraska, so I have no Senators who will listen. But you can find the petition here.

Five Names for the Oregon Standoff. Number Two Will Freak You Out!

Sorry. I’ve been dying to try a click-bait headline to see what would happen.

I know Twitter has named the Bundy Gang in Oregon such things as “Y’allQuaida” and “VanillaISIS,” But what should we call the actual occupation itself? Here are my suggestions:

  1. Occupy Bird Poop
  2. Hick Lives Matter
  3. Operation Defective Storm
  4. The Battle of the Bullshit
  5. Million Clown March